Save Money At The Dentist In The Coming Year

posted: December 05, 2016

As the new year mark nears and many adults overindulge in holiday goodies, thoughts of New Year’s Resolutions are already being contemplated. Losing weight, getting better muscle tone and building stamina are common resolutions we tend to make — and remake, year after

As fitness centers and personal trainers become busier after January 1st, a very important part of our overall health doesn’t always get due attention — your smile. While we try to do everything we can to keep a healthy body, the health of the mouth is vital to our overall health and well-being. How? Read on…

One of the many benefits of your dental check-ups (exams and cleanings) is the ability to remove calculus buildup that has occurred between visits. Calculus (also known as ‘tartar’) is formed from plaque accumulation. This is the sticky film you feel on your teeth at the end of the day before your evening brushing.

Calculus is a hardened mass of plaque that attaches to teeth. As oral bacteria thrive in your mouth by subsisting on tender gum tissues, they reproduce rapidly. As they accumulate, oral bacteria can easily progress from gingivitis (an initial stage of periodontal disease) to full blown periodontal (gum) disease. Gum disease symptoms include persistent bad breath, tender gums that bleed easily when brushing, gums that turn red in color, receded gums, and pus pockets that form at the base of some teeth.

Gum disease is the leading cause of adult tooth loss in the U.S. Even worse, it can enter the bloodstream through weakened gum tissues. The infectious bacteria of gum disease has been found to trigger inflammation elsewhere in the body. Research has linked this to heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, arthritis, diabetes, preterm babies, erectile dysfuntion (ED) and more.

Obviously, oral bacteria is potent stuff and potentially destructive to areas far beyond the mouth. Yet, keeping a healthy mouth takes mere minutes a day. Twice daily brushing, daily flossing, drinking plenty of water and limiting sweets are simple, effective ways to reduce risks. You’ll enjoy a clean mouth, fresher breath, and savings from avoiding treatment expenses of cavities and gum disease.

Your regular 6-month check-ups are a tremendous part of helping you avoid problems in the first place. Additionally, we provide Oral Cancer screenings with VelScope technology as part of annual exams at no additional cost. This quick and painless early detection process far surpasses what a visual exam can detect.

If you’re behind on your 6-month oral hygiene visits, call 1-877-966-9009 to schedule. These twice-a-year visits are a direct path to a healthy smile with minimal problems! Please note that we are highly experienced in treating patients who are afraid of dental visits and are a ‘lecture-free zone!’ You’ll be treated gently, respectfully and ethically.