Regular Dental Care Can Saves You Money!

posted: April 29, 2016

As part of our family’s desire to enjoy good health, we exercise often, eat healthy foods and indulge in moderation. Like most adults, we try to do everything we can to prevent problems from occurring and catch any that do as early as possible.

Many adults have an annual check-up with their family physician, and annual eye exam, and a dermatologist exam yearly. My wife and I have periodic colonoscopies and she has a regular mammogram. These are all steps to help ensure we are doing the right things and that no hidden problems can be detected.

Just as important to our overall health, however, is the well-being of your oral health. Your regular 6-month check-ups are designed to help you avoid problems in the first place. Additionally, your annual Oral Cancer screenings are performed with VelScope technology at no additional cost. This provides an early detection screening that far surpasses what a visual exam can see.smiling patient

One of the many benefits of your dental exam and cleaning is the ability to remove any calculus buildup that has occurred between visits. Calculus (also known as ‘tartar’) is a cement-hard attachment to teeth, formed from plaque accumulation. This is actually a hardened form of oral bacteria.

Oral bacteria thrive in your mouth because they eat away at gum tissues and bore into tooth enamel. They reproduce rapidly and can easily go from gingivitis (an early stage of periodontal disease) to full blown gum disease. Gum disease causes persistent bad breath, gums that bleed easily when brushing, gums that turn red in color, receded gums, tenderness and pus pockets that form on gums at the base of some teeth.

Not only is gum disease to blame for the majority of adult tooth loss in the U.S., it can become bloodborne, causing problems elsewhere in the body. The oral bacteria of gum disease has been found to trigger inflammatory reactions that research has linked to heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, preterm babies, arthritis, diabetes and erectile dysfuntion (ED).

Obviously, oral bacteria is potent stuff and damaging far beyond the mouth. Yet, keeping a healthy mouth takes only minutes each day. Twice daily brushing, daily flossing and limiting sugary snacks are simple, yet effective, ways to reduce risks and enjoy a clean mouth and fresher breath. And, the pay-off is NOT having to have cavities repaired, NOT needing deep gum therapy to remove bacteria, and NOT losing teeth due to gum disease. NOT to mention the great smile you’ll be confident sharing!

Remember, your 6-month check up is the best way to reduce your risk of problems that can sneak up on you. If you’re behind on your oral hygiene visits, call 1-877-966-9009 to schedule. These twice-a-year visits are a direct path to a healthy smile with minimal problems!