Gum Treatment

Dr. Andrews provides a full-range of services that support your goals for a confident, beautiful, healthy smile.

Sore, bleeding gums indicate the beginning of Periodontal Disease. If left untreated, discomfort, bad breath, and eventual tooth loss will result. Extensive research has detected a link between gum disease and heart disease, low birth weight babies, stroke, and diabetes. If indication of gum disease exists, Dr. Andrews offers a non-surgical treatment for various stages of gum disease.

Laser Treatment For Gum Tissue

Always on the cutting edge of dentistry, Dr. Andrews uses the Spectra Carbon Dioxide Laser for precision therapy of oral tissue, including gum recontouring, bacteria removal, uncovering implants, repair of oral ulcers, and other tissue related procedures. The laser can even heal cold sores almost immediately.

The Spectra Laser causes no bleeding, reduces numbing requirements, and performs gum recontouring or tissue repair with amazing speed. This laser is also able to pinpoint specific areas for treatment, minimizing disruption to healthy areas of teeth and gums so healing time is reduced.