Imagine Your Life With A Fabulous Smile!

posted: January 04, 2016

As a dentist, there are few things as satisfying as handing a patient a mirror to view the final results of a smile makeover. The expressions alone are worth a thousand words. I’ve had patients cry with tears of joy when seeing their ‘new you’ as a result of smile enhancements. Their new smile seems to transform them from the inside out!

The benefits of a beautiful smile are endless. A great-looking smile improves facial appearance, boosts self-confidence and self-esteem and tends to be shared with others more often. When people smile more, they appear happier, friendlier, kinder and more content.

An appealing smile is also good for your longevity. Research has shown that people who smile more often extent their lifespans by up to 3 years, while those who frown frequently trim off a year, on average. Smiling apparently triggers endorphins, the chemical in the brain that creates happy feelings. Even faking a smile can have a positive effect.smiling dental patient

One deterrent for cosmetic smile enhancements is treatment cost. Sometimes, however, placing veneers on just 4 teeth can make a marked improvement in appearance. The number of teeth included in treatment depends on where the patient will get the best results in a full smile while conforming to a budget they can manage.

We offer several payment options for people who want to enjoy their new-&- improved smile sooner than later. Most are interest-free with no down payment required. They break payments into monthly amounts that are manageable for most every budget.

Another issue that holds some people back from smile improvements is concern the outcome will look natural. No one wants to end up with plastic-looking teeth or ‘Chicklet’ teeth. In our office, we create beautiful shaped and shaded restorations that look and feel so natural your smile will never reveal ‘dental work.’ These crowns and veneers even reflect light as natural teeth. And, the longevity is exceptional.

Another bonus is in our dental technology. Because we utilize the most advanced dental technology available, we can create precision-made crowns and veneers ‘while you wait.’ This means you won’t have to wear a temporary while a dental lab creates your final restorations. Additionally, treatment time is reduced and numbing requirements are cut in half.

It won’t cost you a thing to learn the options that will provide you with the desired outcome. We offer a free consultation to discuss what will create the look you want and determine projected fees. Call toll free 1-877-966-9009 to schedule.