“Dr. Andrews has been my dentist for many years. The staff is very friendly and helpful! I now live in another area of Charleston but will continue going to Summerville because I get outstanding service every time. Thank you and all your staff Dr. Andrews for many years of exceeding my expectations.”
Lettie H., patient of Dr. Andrews

“I’ve been with this office for more than 10 yrs and from day one the service has been nothing less than exceptional. They’re like my extended family.”
Rose R.

Healthy, confident smiles for every age.

Would you be surprised to learn that your oral health and well-being has a significant impact on your overall health?

Research has now found that healthy gums are not only the foundation of teeth. Having good periodontal health supports yourability to minimize systemic inflammation – the internal inflammation that has been associated with so many severe health problems.

It has been found that gum disease bacteria can enter the bloodstream. They can trigger reactions that create harmful inflammation. The toxic bacteria of gum disease have been linked to:

Heart disease
Some cancers (including oral, pancreatic, and prostrate)
Preterm babies and babies born at low birth weight
Stroke and high blood pressure
Erectile dysfunction (ED) and impotency

Some research shows links to Alzheimer’s disease.

Obviously, the bacterial makeup of gum disease is a potent threat to the body as well as the mouth. However, maintaining thorough oral hygiene habits at home (twice daily brushing and daily flossing), combined with regular dental checkups, is your best defense against losing teeth and risking your health far beyond the mouth.

In our office, you and your family can enjoy optimal oral health through our carefully-structured support, including regular check-ups that include careful cleaning, full mouth examinations and oral cancer screenings.

Thesepreventive care visits help you to avoid problems altogether or catch those that do occur early while treatment needs are minimal. Early treatment can save you greatly in time and expense for repairs.

Regular hygiene appointments include:

  • Thorough cleaning & flossing
  • Full-mouth dental and periodontal (gum) exam
  • Oral cancer screening
  • Periodic X-Rays to detect decay, bone loss or tumors
  • Individual care consultations

If problems do occur, Dr. Andrews provides complete care for all needs, including tooth-colored fillings, porcelain inlays or onlays, bonding, extractions, and root canals.

When crowns (caps) are recommended, Dr. Andrews offers CEREC 3D technology to create durable, natural-looking crowns in a single visit – no temporaries needed! Your tooth is prepared and the final restoration is created and placed in one, comfy visit!

Remember – people who floss their teeth on a daily basis add, on average, 10 years to their lifespans. Daily flossing takes less than just two minutes per day. And, once you’re in the habit of flossing, it becomes a seemingly simple task.

Learn to floss easily and like a pro!
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“Such a fantastic staff!! Always friendly, caring and super efficient!! We are so glad we chose Dr. Andrews for our family dental care :)”
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