“I can’t say enough about the exceptional dentist office of Dr. Andrews, from the moment I walk through the door I feel welcomed. The Staff is just OUTSTANDING, professional and genuine. If you are in search of a Dentist you should consider Dr. James Andrews’ office, best decision you will ever make!!!”
Rose R.

I.V. & Oral Sedation

It is estimated that one-third of American adults experience anxiety associated with dental visits. Many are so fearful that they avoid dental visits altogether. Some dentists realize that adults are not always able to overcome dental fears, with many unsure of what sparked the fear in the first place.

For this reason, Dr. James Andrews completed extensive training to be Certified to provide I.V. Sedation. His training included I.V. sedation and monitoring of actual patients, in addition to a two-day Advanced Cardiac Life Support Class. While sometimes referred to as “twilight sleep,” I.V. Sedation allows patients to be totally relaxed before, during and after treatment with little or no memory of the procedure.

“When adults realize they can complete dental care without dealing with overwhelming fear, they are able to have necessary treatment, many for the first time in years. This allows them to achieve a healthy, confident smile with many treatments completed in just one visit. As a dentist, to be able to provide this for those in this fearful category is something I am proud to offer,” states Dr. Andrews.

Dr. Andrews also offers Oral Sedation in pill form to give a high level of relaxation, which often has an amnesiac effect on patients.

He adds that I.V. Sedation is not always needed for fearful dental patients. “We often find that Oral Sedation is sufficient in allowing patients to relax in a tranquil state to complete care comfortably. This requires no needles and the recovery is quick.”