How We Enhance Comfort For Every Dental Visit.

posted: August 22, 2018

The health and appearance of your smile depends on a daily commitment of thorough at-home care. It also depends on regular involvement with your general dentist.

These visits are designed to remove plaque and tartar buildup that has accumulated between visits and catch problems at early stages. The appointments are spaced at 6-month intervals to keep you in a better position to maintain healthy gums and teeth.

Not many people look forward to a dental cleaning or exam, although we actually have some who tell us they DO look forward to their oral hygiene visits. They enjoy seeing long-time staff members whom they’ve grown close to. Primarily, though, they like the clean feeling and bright smile they get from these twice-a-year visits.outside and inside office photo

I understand people who don’t look forward to dental check ups, however. I feel the same way about my ophthalmologist. I know I need an annual eye exam and like the doctor and staff very much. But, the process isn’t something I deem pleasant, even though I appreciate its importance.

One of the reasons many of our patients are such long-time patients is because they trust us. They know we will never over-treat or under-treat, recommend treatment according to their specific needs, respect their preferences, and make their comfort a high priority at every visit.

Comfort is a big deal when it comes to dentistry. There are many individuals who avoid dental care altogether because they have such intense dread or fear associated with these visits. Dental fear or anxiety is said to affect over 70 percent of the American adult population.

To lessen the worries of anxiety or fear of being in pain, we have taken a number of measures. We pride ourselves on having a relationship of trust with our patients — they trust us to keep them comfortable and minimize the potential for discomfort. Yet, we know that comes with time. New patients simply don’t walk in and perceive that; they need to experience it to just know it’s part of our commitment to care.

Below are just a few of the ways my team and I optimize your comfort in our Summerville dental office:

  • Oral & I.V. Sedation – For many years, I offered oral sedation to help anxious and fearful patients relax. In pill form, this provide a very drowsy state and typically erases most (if not all) memory of the procedure afterwards. However, some people with deeper levels of dental fear need IV sedation. This sedative, also known as twilight sleep, provides a sleep state that some people prefer. I became Certified to provide IV sedation and also have specially trained staff members who use advanced safety equipment to oversee sedated patients throughout treatment.
  • Advanced Technology – Over the years, I’ve incorporated many advanced features into our office. Each is selected for its ability to provide optimal results while helping to minimize treatment time. Most also enhance patient comfort. For exadental camerample, our Cordless Drills make a gentle whirring sound rather than a high-pitched whine. Our CEREC 3D technology creates crowns and bridges in a single appointment, reducing numbing requirements by half. Our dental laser reduces bleeding, speeds healing time, and provides a more comfortable process for procedures involving gum tissues.
  • Modern Treatment Chairs – Some people are fine until they are reclined in a dental chair. Then, once on his/her back on a narrow surface with an open mouth full of tender tissues, it makes perfect sense that some uneasiness can result for those already anxious or fearful. For procedures that require an hour or more, we know the surface under you plays a big part in whether you relax or begin to get antsy. The treatment chairs we’ve selected are ergonomically designed to provide a comfortable fit and cozy support.
  • Special Features – We have found that some people do better when they are distracted from what’s taking place in their mouths. Our patients know they can watch a video, listen to music, avoid bright lights under darkened ‘shades,’ and relax under a warm blanket. Dentistry? What dentistry?!!!
  • Pacing Treatment Appropriately – One of the secrets to giving a ‘pain-less’ injection is going slow. By administering the medication at a slow pace, our patients often say they feel “nothing.” We also provide topical numbing to the area prior to injections. Too, some high-fear patients are more relaxed going through treatment in small stages. We respect that. Once these patients realize they can trust us to protect their comfort at every visit, moving forward at a faster pace can be arranged.
  • Good Communication – Sometimes, it’s the NOT knowing part that provokes the most fear. We have found that keeping patients informed of what is being done throughout the procedure helps. For others, they prefer the distraction of a movie or music. Our goal is to nurture the unique needs of each patient so they are more relaxed throughout their care.
  • Complete Care – Patients like that they can have all their dental needs tended to in one, convenient, comfortable location. Whether you need regular cleanings, cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, treatment for gum disease, a stop-snoring sleep appliance, or crown & bridge, we make all services available for all ages.

For adults who have fear, anxiety, or even dental phobia, we have been able to help the majority to achieve a healthy, appealing smile while being relaxed and comfortable. Here, we know you can learn to dread less and smile more!

Consider starting with a no-charge consultation appointment. During this time, we will discuss your concerns, make recommendations for your specific needs and goals, and give you a firsthand look at the exceptional Summerville SC environment we offer for your very best smile.

While you’re here, we can also have our Administrative Manager discuss easy payment plans and review insurance coverages, if desired.

To schedule, call 843-871-6351 or tap here to begin.

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Here, Technology Enhances Comfort, Saves You Time, Optimizes Treatment Outcome

posted: July 17, 2018

Let’s say you’re nearing the time when an ’empty nest’ in on the horizon. In anticipation of having extra space, you may have some ideas as to how free space could be reconfigured. A workout room? A media room? An office for a new in-home business?

Although designers and contractors could come in with a sketch pad and pencil, wouldn’t you be more assured with a visual proposal that gave a firsthand view of where, what, and how?

Today’s technology is designed to eliminate guesswork and provide the means to achieve goals without unexpected glitches.

This is true for dentistry as well. Advanced computerized technology has given dentists the tools to diagnose, treatment plan, and perform procedures with precision based on each individual’s needs and goals.

Dental offices can vary significantly when it comes to advanced technology. Not only does this equipment require a monetary commitment, most require intense training of the dentist and staff members in order to utilize each piece properly. While some of these advancements can seem rather intimidating, I’ve found that they can be of such benefit to our patients that the learning process becomes exciting.

Case in point – when I first invested in CEREC 3D technology, I took a couple of courses but avoided using it for months. When I decided to truly master it, I became so enthralled at the results that I pursued every advanced course I could take. Now, I am a proud Mentor for CEREC 3D, providing training assistance to other dentists who make this positive leap into the future of dentistry.

While my goal has always been to provide options that enhance patient comfort, save them time, and create optimal outcomes, it has also been important to select technology that is ‘green.’ At Smiles By Andrews, we have incorporated features that are environmentally-friendly, which minimize the use of chemicals, save water, and reduce waste.

What’s in this for you, the patient? Read on to learn about the many advanced features available to you in our Summerville dental office:

• Imaging With 3D Cone Beam Technology – This 3D imaging gives a clear view of the mandible and maxilla (upper and lower jaw) for intricate assessment for diagnosis and treatment planning. The process is fast and comfortable with patients exposed to minimal levels of radiation. This is used for patients in need of root canals, periodontics, orthodontics, dental implants, TMJ therapy, and crowns (caps) or bridges as well as surgical procedures. Cone beam imaging (3D X-rays) also provides images that pinpoint the mandibular nerve canal for pre-surgical planning for ideal implant positioning.

Dental Implants As Easy As 1 – 2 – 3 In One Dental Office! We have incorporated this technology so your entire implant treatment can be performed in one comfortable location in minimum appointments with exceptional outcomes!

  1. CEREC Omnicam uses a small camera to scan inside the mouth, capturing full color 3D digital images. These images are sent to computer software that is used to create crowns, bridges, partial and teeth for implant attachment, in minutes.
  2. For Dental Implant placement, CEREC 3D computer software creates a surgical guide that pinpoints precise locations, depths, and angles for each implant. This enhances implant success and eliminates the need for ‘flaps’ to be cut in gum tissue. These guides enable me to gently penetrate gum tissue at each implant location. By minimizing disruption to gum tissue, patients enjoy enhanced comfort with rapid healing.
  3. For the teeth attached to the Implants, our technology creates your final teeth with advanced technology, saving you time and ensuring a precision fit and ideal shade match.

• Single Appointment Crowns & Inlays – CEREC 3D creates beautiful, durable ceramic restorations (crowns, bridges, partials, implant teeth) using the latest in computerization, ready for placement in a single visit. No temporaries needed! No second appointment needed! No second numbing needed!. CEREC 3D also reduces numbing requirements by half.

• Laser Therapy – This technology is used for oral tissue treatment that causes no bleeding and reduces numbing requirements for precision gum contouring, bacteria removal, uncovering implants, repair of oral ulcers and other tissue related procedures.

• Digital X-Rays – Our digital radiology system reduces exposure to radiation by up to 90%, giving enlarged on-screen images instantly. Magnification aids in early diagnosis, which reduces treatment time and costs, and is more comfortable than traditional “bite wings”.

• Oral Cancer Detection – The VELscope System is a hand-held device that aids in early detection of oral cancer. The exam is non-invasive, painless, and takes only minutes. The process gives us a better visual of abnormal tissue that may be, or may lead to, oral cancer.

• IntraOral Imaging – This provides enlarged views of specific areas inside the mouth, giving patients greater understanding of problem areas and more involvement in treatment decisions.

• Computerized Charting – This advanced feature measures and stores your oral status while predicting vulnerable areas. Your oral health is recorded and stored at each visit, providing easy retrieval for future comparisons.

• Advanced Sterilization system – Using a process that meets or exceeds the guidelines set forth by OSHA and the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), all instruments used in patient care are heat sterilized by advanced equipment and trained staff.

We are proud of the environment we offer to our patients. Experience the benefits of these features yourself! We are always happy to welcome new patients to our office and even offer a free consult for those who wish to ‘check us out’ before committing to an appointment. Just call our friendly staff at 843-871-6351 or tap here to schedule.outside and inside office photo

While we are pleased to offer this technology, what our patients notice most is the respectful, friendly, compassionate environment we provide. Regardless of your need, we are committed to exceptional care with an emphasis on comfort.

I hope to meet you soon!

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Dental Care In Summerville – What Makes Us Different

posted: April 15, 2018

“A rose is a rose,” is a common alteration of Shakespeare’s “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”  Both mean the same, basically, in that one rose is the same as all the others. However, we know that’s not the case. outside and inside office photo

One dental office or one 6-month dental cleaning may be far different in one office than the other. For example, one dental office may make comfort a high priority while another moves patients through care in a rushed pace with little regard to comfort.

In our office, we’ve taken a number of measures to ensure patients understand the difference as well as feel it. We hope that each patient comes to find, with each appointment, that it’s not one thing but a combination of things that make the difference.

Below, we’ve listed a few areas we know affords our patients with an elevated standard of care as well as a noticeably high level of comfort:

• Advanced Technology – We’ve carefully incorporated a number of state-of-the-art features that shorten treatment time, enhance results, and optimize comfort. These include Cone Beam Imaging (for 3-dimensional views of teeth, gums and supporting bone structures), CEREC 3D computerized technology (for one-appointment crowns and implant restorations), ‘Silent’ Drills (that eliminate the high-pitched whine of a drill, replacing it with a gentle whir), and Laser Dentistry (which reduces bleeding and speeds healing).

• Staff Longevity – I am so proud of the longevity of each team member. For decades, many have worked by my side and become “like family” to patients. Newer staff members have immediately sensed the unified team spirit here, feeling fully supported in their commitment to excellent patient care.

• Exceptional Comfort – In addition to oral sedation (a sedative in pill form), I am Certified to provide I.V. sedation (twilight sleep). This provides a deeper level of comfort through ‘sleep dentistry’ and erases most, if not all, memory of treatment afterward. In addition to sedation options, all measures are taken for the highest level of patient comfort possible, starting with a gentle touch and care that is paced to each individual’s specific need.

• Complete Dentistry – In addition to providing all phases of Dental Implants, you’ll find all levels of dental care are covered – for all ages and all needs. Everything from six-month checkups to root canals to tooth replacement to therapy to treat gum disease – our patients appreciate having all services in one, convenient location.

• Skilled, Ethical Care – Our patients know our recommendations are made based on what is in their best interests. By instilling a sense of confidence with each, they have faith in us to provide the best care according to their individual needs and goals. This has created strong bonds that we feel is the foundation of “exceptional dentistry.”

You should feel positive about your dental caregivers, at every visit. If you feel something is missing in your relationship with your dental office, consider scheduling a no-charge consultation appointment. During this time, we’ll discuss how our office may be compatible to your needs and desires, enabling you to achieve a healthy, confidence smile you’ll love to share.

Call 843-871-6351 to schedule. I look forward to meeting you and including you as one of our many happy patients!

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Cosmetic Dentistry Can Give You A WOW Smile!

posted: October 10, 2017

The mouth is an important part of each day. Through it, you receive nourishment, begin the digestive process, communicate verbally and relay emotions. Yet, when most of us think of our mouths, it is our smiles that stand out in the forefront.

Your lips, teeth and gums are components of your smile, which, according to studies, does far more than enhance (or detract from) facial appearance. Studies show that you can improve your psychological and physiological state by smiling, even when you fake a smile. Smiling is also said to improve immunity and helps you tolerate pain and frustration to a greater degree.

Certainly, a beautiful smile has an impact on one’s outer appearance. Yet, smiling also makes us feel good, even when we don’t feel like smiling. Research has shown that smiling increases endorphins, a chemical in your brain that gives you a natural high. When endorphins are released through smiling, it creates feelings of happiness.

It is also estimated that people who smile often lengthen their lifespans by two years, on average. On the flip side, those who frown more decrease their lives an average of a year.

Another benefit of smiling is how it pulls facial muscles upward. This gives you a more youthful appearance and smooths lines. You get a bit of a face lift just by smiling!

Our patients who’ve completed smile makeovers tend to smile more often and really SMILE from the inside out! While smiling comes easy for those who feel good about the appearance of their smile, a smile that has chips, gaps, breaks, stains and missing or crooked teeth can make people feel uneasy or even embarrassed. Some people cover their mouths to conceal the flaws that make smiling awkward.

If you are uncomfortable with smiling as fully as you’d like, today’s cosmetic dentistry can create a beautiful smile you’ll love to share. In our office, we use modern dental technology, the latest techniques and exceptional materials to create smiles with natural appeal that complement each individual. These include:

Porcelain Crowns & Veneers – Porcelain is the superior material when it comes to smile enhancement. This provides the highest degree of luminosity and longevity available. Porcelain crowns and veneers can beautifully recreate a smile for the most natural look and feel possible. Porcelain also resists staining and has a durability that is exceptional to any other material used in cosmetic dentistry. For the 6 or 8 teeth most visible in a smile, porcelain crowns or veneers can change an unflattering smile to one that you’ll want to share often!

Bonding – Teeth that are chipped, uneven, gapped, stained or poorly-shaped can often be correctly with the application of bonding. In bonding, a material is coated over tooth surfaces and and then shaped and polished to correct smile flaws. While not as durable or stain-resistant as porcelain, bonding provides good longevity at an affordable cost. It can be shade-matched to blend attractively with surrounding teeth and is typically completed in just one visit.

Teeth Whitening – Although some people believe that drug store whitening systems are helpful, their effectiveness is minimal compared to the systems available through a dentist. When you consider their cost, minimal effect and the frequency needed to keep your teeth white, drug store systems are hardly worth the time or investment. Our use-at-home Nite White tooth whitening system is highly affordable and provides a much higher degree of whitening with excellent longevity.

Gum Re-contouring – Your smile is not just teeth. Your gum tissues are also an important part of your smile’s appearance. Think of the gum tissue that arches each tooth like a frame for beautiful artwork. Having the gum line in a balanced order over teeth enhances the overall look of a smile. Using a dental laser, we can contour gum tissues to create an attractive smile in a process that is comfortable and requires minimal healing time.

Dental Implants – The gap in a smile left by missing teeth sends a negative message that can label an individual unfairly. For people who are missing one or more natural teeth, Dental Implants can restore the ability to smile attractively, speak and laugh confidently, and bite and chew comfortably. Since the teeth attached to the implants are custom-made crowns, we create an attractive smile in the process.

Cosmetic Dentures – When people are missing all upper or lower teeth, some choose to replace them with full dentures. Today’s dental techniques and materials make it possible to combine replacement gum tissue and teeth that results in an appealing smile and more youthful appearance.

A flattering smile can make a dramatic difference in one’s appearance, self-esteem and confidence level. Many procedures in modern cosmetic dentistry can be completed in just one or two visits. We also offer payment plans that fit most budgets and are interest-free.

Call 843-871-6351 to schedule a free, no obligation consultation to discuss the beautiful smile you desire.

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Your Comfort Is A Priority In Our Dental Office

posted: June 06, 2017

I actually have a few patients who tell me they “love” coming here. They enjoy getting their teeth clean and shiny while getting caught up with staff they’ve become close to over the years. But, I know these patients are not what makes up the majority of dental attitudes in the U.S. Most people dread dental visits, for a variety of reasons.

The most common cause of dread is dental fear. Although our patients know our reputation for a gentle touch, traumatic experiences in a dental chair in years past can leave an individual with anxiety, fear or even phobia associated with dental visits. For a fearful patient, we understand that perceived pain can seem just as real as actual discomfort.

Years ago, I began offering Oral Sedation to help patients relax. This is in pill form and taken prior to the patient arriving at our office. Once here, they are seated in a comfortable treatment chair and covered with a warm blanket. By the time treatment begins, they are totally relaxed, almost to a dozing state.

Patients like Oral Sedation because it takes anxiety out of their visit and allows them to seemingly zoom through a lengthy procedure, often without memory of the procedure afterward. However, I felt some patients needed a deeper state of sedation, which is why I completed training and certification for I.V. sedation.

Also known as ‘twilight sleep,’ I.V. sedation provides a sleep state for patients who want a more intense state of sedation during dentistry. I.V. sedation also has an amnesiac effect. With both sedation options, patients are monitored for safety and comfort by trained staff members and advanced safety equipment.

Dental fear is not always to blame for dread of dental visits. Some patients dread dental visits simply because they don’t like the vulnerable feeling they get from being in a dental chair. Laying on their backs with their mouths open while procedures take place that they can’t see can make some people feel they have no control. Others react uncomfortably to certain smells, noises or sights such as seeing dental probes or an injection. Some patients avoid dental visits because they are concerned they’ll be lectured or made to feel guilty for not having regular dental checkups.

Quite frankly, I always dread my annual eye exam. Although I’m not afraid of experiencing pain, I don’t care to have my pupils dilated and always feel the amount of time for the exam and recovery from dilation knocks out half a day. Yet, my eyes are precious and I want to take good care of them, so I have this annual check.

It’s the same with dental visits. Yes, we all have other things we’d rather do with the time required but know that keeping teeth and gums healthy plays a major role in our overall health and well-being. Like caring for our eyes, making sure our smiles are in good shape is well worth the time required for these screenings.

In addition to Oral and I.V. Sedation, we use topical numbing, drills that hum rather than make a whining sound, and offer music or videos to patients who want a distraction during their procedure. Some procedures can also be performed with a dental laser. This reduces or eliminates bleeding, increases comfort and speeds healing.

Other features help take the dread out of dental visits here. Our CEREC 3D technology allows us to prepare a tooth for a crown, create the crown, and place it in the patient’s mouth – all in one visit. This not only speeds treatment, it cuts numbing requirements in half. And, with CEREC 3D, patients don’t have to wear those pesky temporaries while a dental lab creates the final porcelain result.

Our patients know us for a gentle touch, scheduling procedures so each patient moves at a comfortable pace, explaining what is taking place throughout each procedure, and trusting each member on our team to provide optimal care with exceptional comfort. If you have delayed care due to a sense of dread or fear, let us help you relax and see dental visits in a new light. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about getting a lecture here. We respect our patients and are always glad they come for care.

Begin with a no-charge, no obligation consultation. We’ll discuss your concerns and comfort options in a private consultation room. If desired, we can also put you in touch with patients who, like you perhaps, once had fears or a sense of dread and now smile throughout their dental care.

Call toll free 1-877-966-9009.

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High-Tech Dentistry Enhances Comfort, Saves You Time

posted: April 24, 2017

Our patients enjoy one, comfortable office for nearly every dental need, from regular cleanings to dental implants and everything in-between. In addition to added relaxation options of Oral and I.V. Sedation, our office features some of the most advanced dental technology available to reduce treatment time and optimize comfort.

Just some of the advanced features you’ll find in our Summerville dental office include:

Dental Radiology With 3D Cone Beam Technology – This 3D imaging covers the whole dentition area (all teeth and jaws, from ear to ear), giving a clear view of the mandible and maxilla (upper and lower jaw). This provides an intricate review of diagnostic requirements and is ideal for treatment planning of endodontics (root canals), periodontics (treatment of gums), orthodontics (tooth realignment), dental implants, TMJ (jaw joints) and dental prosthetics (crowns, bridges, partials, dentures and teeth attached to implants). Cone beam images also pinpoint the lower jaw nerve canal for pre-surgical planning for ideal implant positioning. The imaging process is fast and comfortable and exposes patients to minimal levels of radiation.

One Appointment Crowns & Inlays – CEREC 3D creates beautiful, durable ceramic restorations using the latest in computerization, ready for placement. The tooth is prepared and, while the patient relaxes for a brief time, their ceramic crown or bridge is created and ready for placement — no dental lab needed (that takes weeks). CEREC 3D also eliminates the need for temporaries and reduces numbing requirements by fifty percent.

Laser Therapy – Treatment of gum tissues using our laser is ideal for precision gum contouring, bacteria removal, uncovering implants, repair of oral ulcers and other tissue related procedures. Additionally, the laser causes no bleeding and reduces numbing requirements.

‘Silent’ Drill – We use handpieces that sound like a gentle whirr – with no high-pitched sound of a drill. This handpiece also has better precision and is much quieter.

Digital X-Rays – This digital imaging (x-ray) system reduces exposure to radiation by up to 90% while providing enlarged, on-screen images instantly. Its magnification aids in early diagnosis, helping to reduce treatment time and costs. Patients also like that this fast process is more comfortable than traditional “bite wings”.

Oral Cancer Detection – As a standard part of a patient’s annual examination, we use the VELscope Early Detection System. This is a hand-held device that aids in early detection of oral cancer. The exam is non-invasive, painless and takes only minutes. This process gives a better visual of abnormal tissue that may be, or may lead to, oral cancer.

CASEY Patient Education – To enhance patient communication and their involvement in treatment decisions, we use wall-mounted video technology in treatment suites. These also feature step-by-step information on the latest dental procedures.

IntraOral Imaging – To enhance patient understanding of areas in need, this technology gives enlarged views of specific areas in the mouth that can be easily viewed by the patient while in the treatment chair.

Computerized Charting – At each visit, a patient’s oral health status is recorded and stored, providing easy retrieval for future comparisons. This not only measures the patient’s oral status, it helps in predicting vulnerable areas. This allows patients to be proactive so preventing problems in the first place can occur.

Sterilization System – In our office, all instruments used in patient care are heat sterilized. Our process meets or exceeds the guidelines set forth by OSHA and the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

We are also proud that many of the features in our office are environmentally-friendly, helping to preserve precious natural resources and reducing the use of chemicals.

For a firsthand look at our advanced features, and to learn more about the patient benefits of each, feel free to ask. We are also happy to help you understand your options!

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Easy Ways To Have A Beautiful Smile

posted: December 07, 2016

When we see someone smile at us, their smile seems to trigger a happy feeling inside. Although we may not realize what causes this, researchers have determined that it results from a reaction in our brains.

Researchers found that smiling triggers the release of endorphins, which are the feel-good chemicals in the brain. Studies have also shown that the action of smiling – even when you fake a smile – causes these same endorphins to release. This means we can boost our mood by smiling, whether we feel like smiling or not!

It’s obvious that an attractive smile can significantly enhance one’s facial appearance. However, when people feel good about how their smile looks, they tend to smile more often. While this can give your mood a dose of happy, a confident smile also makes a positive impression on others. An individual who smiles often is more likely to be deemed outgoing, happy and confident.smiling dental patient

Smiling also improves facial appearance. For example, smiling pulls facial muscles upward to give a mini-face lift of sorts. Of course, when you feel good about the appearance of your smile, smiling comes easier. As a dentist, I’ve witnessed how insecure a flawed or decayed smile can makes people feel. Some people even developed a habit of covering their mouth to conceal a smile with flaws that make smiling awkward.

If you have crooked, misshaped or stained teeth, decay or a ‘gummy smile,’ you may not be smiling as often or as openly or often as you’d like. Fortunately, modern dental techniques and materials offer exceptional options to recreate a confident, flattering smile. Too, today’s technology can also recreate a new smile in just one visit, in many cases. Today’s options include:

Whiteners – While ‘drug store’ whitening kits can lighten the shade of natural teeth, the degree of whitening is often minor and lasts for a brief amount of time. Once you add up the expenses for repeated touch-ups, the cost typically outweighs the results.  The Nite White system we offer provides a much higher degree of whitening that lasts for a long time at an affordable price.

Porcelain Crowns & Veneers – Porcelain gives the highest degree of luminosity and longevity available in dentistry. Porcelain crowns and veneers can beautifully recreate a smile for the most natural look and feel possible. Plus, porcelain’s durability is also exceptional to any other material used in cosmetic dentistry. Our CEREC 3D technology can create beautiful, natural-looking crowns while you wait.

Bonding – Chipped, uneven, gapped, discolored or poorly-shaped teeth may be greatly improved with the application of bonding. Bonding is a material painted over tooth surfaces and can correct some smile flaws. While not as durable or stain-resistant as porcelain, bonding has good longevity for an affordable cost. It can also be shade-matched to blend attractively with other teeth with the procedure taking just one visit.

Dental Implants – For those who are missing one or more natural teeth, Dental Implants restore your ability to bite and chew foods comfortably and speak and laugh with confidence.  Dental Implants are held by the jaw, just as natural tooth roots were once. This provides the same, sturdy foundation as natural teeth.  And, because the teeth attached to the implants are designed for each individual, creating an attractive smile is a normal part of the process.

Gum Recontouring – When gum tissue is too high above top teeth most visible in a smile or there are varying levels of gum arches over each tooth, a smile line can be evened out with a dental laser. The laser provides a precision line for natural-looking contours and minimizes treatment time. And, because there is minimal bleeding, healing time is much faster than with surgical contouring or grafting.

Cosmetic Dentures – For adults who prefer to replace all upper or lower missing teeth with full dentures, modern dental techniques and materials enable us to create an attractive look that fills out the mouth for a more youthful appearance.

A terrific smile can make a dramatic difference in one’s appearance, self-esteem and self-confidence. And, patients are like that their new smile can be completed while they make affordable monthly payments. Call toll free 1-877-966-9009 to arrange a free consultation to discuss the smile you desire. We can also review payment plans that allow you to make easy monthly payments, most with no interest or down payment required.

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Futuristic Dentistry Here! A Beautiful Smile Or Replace Teeth In A Single Visit!

posted: July 05, 2016

One of the most exciting developments in the realm of dentistry has been the advancements in dental technology. As computerization has advanced, dental technology has as well. For the patient, its cutting-edge capabilities provide faster, more precise results with exceptional durability and enhanced comfort levels.

Let’s start with the imaging. The old ‘x-rays’ once used in a dental office have been replaced by modern offices for digital imaging. These images provide a clearer view of problem spots and areas of vulnerability. The images can be easily enlarged for patient viewing, enabling them to have greater involvement in treatment decisions.

An added bonus of digital imaging versus x-rays is patient safety. Imaging emits about 90% less radiation than traditional x-rays of prior film methods. The images also appear faster and can be projected onto large monitors to show minute details. Plus, they’re greener for the environment — no more film or development chemicals!

Another asset in modern dental offices is CEREC 3D. This computerized technology does a number of functions that save treatment time, optimize results and enhance patient comfort. One of its most popular functions is the creation of single-visit crowns.

For many years, providing a patient with a crown (‘cap’) required two visits. In the first, the patient’s tooth was prepared and a mold taken. This mold was sent to a dental lab, who would spend 2 weeks to a month creating the porcelain replacement ‘restoration.’

In the meantime, the patient wore a ‘temporary’ over the prepared tooth. These were designed to be removed easily so the lab-created crown could be placed once completed. However, temporaries tend to detach rather easily, often at the worst of times! Typically while chewing, the temporary’s adhesive would give way and end up requiring an appointment to resecure it.

When the final crown was ready, the patient had to return to the office for another appointment. The area for the new crown was again numbed and the crown would be attached. However, if the lab failed to properly match the shade or the fit was not done according to the doctor’s specifications, the process had to begin all over. Another appointment, another numbing, etc.

CEREC 3D technology solves all the back-&-forth. It takes an image of the prepared tooth, then imports it into a computer that logs in the Doctor’s specifications. It then begins creating the final restoration while the patient relaxes.

In a brief time, the final crown is ready for placement, with no additional numbing or a second appointment needed! CEREC can also create inlays or onlays, bridges and dental implant attachment-teeth.

Sirona_DCS_mit_SchaerfefilterOne of the most fascinating new additions to our office technology is our Cone-Beam imaging. This takes a ‘head view’ image that shows the entire mouth and surrounding sinus, jaw and head joint structures in intricate detail. These ‘space age’ images can be viewed from all sides using a single image. For example, the Doctor can turn the image to see a tooth from both sides, the front or the back.

These views are a tremendous asset when it comes to diagnosis and planning appropriate treatment. This means that the potential for over-treating or under-treating is virtually eliminated.

Other advanced features (in our office) include a dental laser, which gives a number of advantages for patients. Primarily used in oral tissue treatment, a laser causes no bleeding and reduces numbing requirements in gum contouring, bacteria removal, uncovering implants, repair of oral ulcers and other tissue related procedures.

We also use the VELscope System, which is a hand-held device that aids in early detection of oral cancer. The exam is non-invasive, painless and takes only minutes. The process gives Dr. Andrews a better visual of abnormal tissue that may be, or may lead to, oral cancer.

Computerized charting is another advanced feature. This measures and stores your oral status while predicting vulnerable areas as it compares data at each visit.

While not all dental offices feature this array of dental technology, we’ve found our patients prefer the higher level of comfort, time savings and optimized outcomes it all provides.

To see just some of the unique features in our office, visit:

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Dental Technology Saves Our Patients Time & Money

posted: October 06, 2015

As dental technology has advanced, I have been particularly drawn to the developments that save patients treatment time, help reduce treatment costs and enhance comfort.

I’m proud that our office features some of the most advanced technology available. Providing these features to our patients reassures them that their care here is at an exceptional level. They also know our choices of technology are based on the options that make their visits better experiences than they might find elsewhere.

A few of our advanced features include:

3D Cone Beam Radiology Technology – This 3D imaging gives a clear view of the entire dental region, including upper and lower jaw, in intricate detail. This enhances diagnostics for root canals, gum problems, misaligned teeth, Dental Implants, jaw joint disorders and procedures such as crown-&tooth replacement impact xray-bridge combinations. Cone beam images also pinpoint the lower jaw nerve for ideal implant positioning. The process is fast and comfortable with minimal radiation.

Single Appointment Crowns & Inlays – CEREC 3D creates beautiful, durable crowns, bridges, partials and implant replacement teeth using the latest in computerization, ready for placement in one visit. CEREC eliminates the need for temporaries and reduces numbing requirements by half.

Laser Therapy – When treating oral tissues, this laser eliminates bleeding and reduces numbing requirements. It is superior for precision gum contouring, bacteria removal, uncovering implants, repair of oral ulcers and other tissue-related procedures.

Digital Imaging (X-Rays) – Digital radiology reduces radiation by up to 90%, giving enlarged on-screen images instantly. Magnification aids in early diagnosis, which reduces treatment time and costs. This process is also more comfortable than traditional “bite wings.”

Oral Cancer Detection – The VELscope System is a hand-held device that aids in early detection of oral cancer. The exam is painless and takes only minutes. The process provides a better visual of abnormal tissue that may be, or may lead to, oral cancer.

‘Silent’ Drill – These handpieces are used with a gentle whirr – without the high-pitched sound of a drill. This handpiece has better precision and is much quieter.

CASEY Patient Education – These wall-mounted video education monitors help explain and illustrate certain dental procedures.

IntraOral Imaging – Provides enlarged views of specific areas in the mouth as the patient relaxes in the chair. This gives our patients greater involvement in treatment decisions.

Computerized Charting – This process measures and stores your oral status while predicting vulnerable areas with easy retrieval for future comparisons. This is an ideal way to catch problems at their earliest stages or prevent them altogether.

Advanced Sterilization – All instruments are heat sterilized in a process that meets or exceeds guidelines set forth by OSHA and the Center for Disease Control.

Additionally, many of our features are environmentally-friendly, helping to preserve our natural resources and reduce the use of chemicals.

Today’s dental technology has amazing features. However, it’s your safety, comfort and overall outcome that draws us to one technology over another. We are always happy to show patients the unique technology we provide, even if from mere curiosity rather than need. Just ask at your next visit!

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General (Family) Dentistry Is Our Foundation!

posted: April 21, 2015

I often blog about advanced features and procedures in our office. People know us for our advanced technology and training in dental implants, cosmetic dentistry and restorative dentistry. However, the foundation of our practice is and always has been general dentistry, or what some refer to as ‘family dentistry.’

The way most think about general dentistry is for routine care, such as your 6-month cleanings and exams. General dentistry also covers sealants, filling cavities and extractions. Even the process of creating custom mouthguards falls under general dentistry. We provide care for all ages, except for very young children who would find the environment of a pediatric dental office more appealing.

We are proud to provide a comprehensive array of dental services, including:

• General Dentistry – Regular and preventive care for all ages

• Cosmetic Dentistry – Improving the appearance of smiles through crowns, veneers, bonding, tooth whitening, and gum recontouring

• Restorative Dentistry – Protecting or replacing teeth with crowns, crown & bridge, partials, dentures

• Implant Dentistry – All phases of dental implants including diagnosis, placement and attachment of the final teeth.

• Oral & I.V. Sedation – In addition to sedation options, we are highly experienced in treating all levels of fearful patients.

• TMJ Therapy – Adjustments to correct most problems caused by bite misaligment.

• Sleep Apnea/Snoring Therapy – Custom-designed, comfortable mouth appliances are created to restore sound, restful sleep without the need for CPAP.

• Gum Recontouring & Gum Disease Therapy – Our technology can reshape gum tissue to provide a more natural smile line as well as combat many stages of periodontal disease.

We pride ourselves on our complete care environment and our ability to fulfill virtually every dental need for all ages. We are committed to exceptional comfort and outcomes at every appointment.

Whenever you (or someone you know) have a dental need, of any type, we are happy to help. It is our goal to be the only dental office you’ll ever need!

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Canker Sore Or Cold Sore – Or Worse?

posted: September 10, 2014

We always urge patients to react to any unusual sore or discoloration in the mouth or on the lips. Oral cancer is one of the most deadly of all cancers when not caught early. However, this time of year, it seems that canker and cold sores are more prevalent.

Do you have a Canker or Cold Sore? 
Typically, if the sore is located inside your mouth, it’s likely a canker sore. If it’s on the outside, it is probably a cold sore.

Canker sores (mouth ulcers) generally occur inside the mouth and are bacterial in nature. They are often triggered by trauma such as biting your cheek, jabbing your gum with your toothbrush or even overzealous tooth cleaning.

Cold sores are tiny, clear, fluid-filled blisters that form around the mouth and are caused by the herpes simplex virus living inside nerve tissues. (It is not the same virus that causes genital herpes.) Here are some guidelines:

A cold sore occurs outside the mouth. A canker sore is on the inside of your mouth.
A cold sore appears as tiny, clear fever blisters. A canker sore is a small white or gray ulcer on the lips or under the nose base, often with a red border.

A cold sore will last about a week while a canker sore may hang around for one or two weeks. Keep in mind a cold sore is not contagious, but a canker sore is.

A cold sore can be treated with Aloe Vera or over-the-counter topical anesthetics to cut pain and discomfort. You can also rinse with an antimicrobial mouthwash or salt dissolved in warm water.

Canker sores require over-the-counter medications or prescription antiviral drugs to prevent outbreak, especially if they are frequent. Over-the-counter oral anesthetics may help with pain relief. To speed healing, we can also use our dental laser to greatly reduce discomfort and quicken the pace of getting rid of it. This is especially helpful for brides, people preparing for group presentations, etc.

Please remember that any sore or unusual spot that doesn’t get better in two weeks should be examined IMMEDIATELY. Oral cancer can take on many shapes and colors and is a serious, and even deadly, disease that requires early treatment.

Call toll free 1-877-966-9009 if you have questions or need an examination.

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Studies Show A Smile Can Be A Career Booster!

posted: July 14, 2014

Despite the adherence to unbiased hiring and pay practices, your appearance remains an influential factor in whether you’ll get the job, the pay you’ll earn and the promotions you’ll receive. Although intelligence, qualifications and experience should overrule appearance, studies show that physical attractiveness has an impact in social interactions, both career and personal.

One survey that found attractive lawyers in the U.S. earn 10 – 12% more than less attractive colleagues. Other research has shown that individuals tend to perceive attractive people as more intelligent, friendly and competent than those in the less attractive category. A Tufts University study found people rate competence, dominance, likability, maturity and trustworthiness by merely viewing facial photographs of CEOs. Another study by the University of British Columbia found that adults show bias toward attractive people because they tend to give more attention to good-looking people.

According to a report published in the Journal of Labor Economics, an attractive worker makes 9% more than their unattractive counterparts with the impact being similar for both men and women. Not only do more-appealing people earn more, they also receive more promotions during their careers than their plain counterparts, the study found. As much as we would like to think it isn’t the case, physical appearance seems to be a significant factor in hiring, pay, promotion and perceived competence in the U.S.

For many years, studies have shown that an attractive smile is a dominating feature of overall appearance for men and women. An appealing smile also makes people to be perceived as more friendly and approachable. A clean, healthy smile is easy to maintain with a good hygiene routine at home that includes brushing and flossing along with twice a year visits for cleanings. Also, avoid staining foods, such as red wine and tomato sauce, and avoid tobacco use.

If you have chipped, missing or crowded teeth or an uneven smile line, today’s esthetic dentistry can correct those flaws, often in just one or two visits. With advanced techniques and materials, smile enhancements can help balance out facial features while giving you a more confident smile with a natural look and feel.

Your smile can have a tremendous impact on your overall personality. When people have an appealing smile, they tend to smile more. This gives the impression of an upbeat, confident individual. Whether you opt for porcelain crowns or veneers, whitening, tooth replacement or gum recontouring, a positive change in your smile can impact your life in positive ways!

Call 1-877-966-9009 for a free consultation to discuss options to enhance your smile as well as payment plans that fit your budget.

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Tooth Loss Not The Only Risk Of Gum Disease

posted: March 17, 2014

Dental experts have listed the top nine risk factors for tooth loss due to periodontal (gum) disease, which is the nation’s leading cause of tooth loos. These include:
Being over the age of 35
Being a male
Never getting professional dental care
Never using a toothbrush
Having diabetes
Having high blood pressure
Having rheumatoid arthritis

Although age and gender are unchangeable, decisions to not brush your teeth or to smoke, for example, are something you can control.

Why should you worry about gum disease? In addition to causing tooth loss, oral bacteria can enter the bloodstream through tears in diseased tissues in the mouth. Once bloodborne, this bacteria can trigger an inflammatory reaction elsewhere in the body. The bacteria of gum disease has been linked to heart disease, stroke, memory loss, preterm babies, arthritis, diabetes and even impotency.

If losing teeth isn’t a concern, then the overall health risks should get your attention. Treating gum disease before it becomes severe can be done comfortably and affordably. Payment options are available for those without dental insurance.

Gum disease will only worsen without treatment. Call 1-877-966-9009 if you have tender, sore gums that are red in color rather than a healthy pink. You need to be seen promptly.

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How We Are Creating A New Generation Without Dental Fear

posted: February 18, 2014

If you fear going to the dentist, you are not alone. It is estimated that over 30% of Americans avoid going to the dentist because of some level of anxiety or fear. Even worse, about 10% of those are classified as “dental phobics,” or persons with such a high fear level that they avoid the dentist until an emergency need arises.

With these statistics, it comes as no surprise that the nation’s leading cause of tooth loss is periodontal disease. Without 6-month check-ups and cleanings, your risk of developing gum disease, among other problems, is high.

If the fear of discomfort has prevented you from regular dental care, you are encouraged to share those feelings with a dentist who is sensitive to your concerns. This discussion will allow us to understand your fears and explain the methods of comfort available.

In our office, we offer both Oral and I.V. Sedation. Oral Sedation is in pill form so there are no needles used to administer the medication. You can doze through treatment and will have little or no memory of the procedure afterward. The medication is safe and recovery time is quick.

We also offer I.V. Sedation, or “twilight sleep.” I became Certified to administer I.V. Sedation a number of years ago because of this deeper sedated state that some patients prefer. With either sedation option, you are monitored by a trained staff member and sophisticated equipment throughout your procedure.

New technology also enhances patient comfort. For example, in my office I use a dental laser for certain procedures. This eliminates the drill sound and even speeds recovery by sealing tissues during the procedure. Dental lasers also minimize the elimination of natural tooth structure by pinpointing precisely the areas for treatment. This is ideal for fillings, inlays, gum recontouring and uncovering implants ready for final tooth attachment.

I believe that the confidence of a beautiful, healthy smile enhances one’s quality of life and that every person should feel achieving this is within reach. Hopefully, the advancements in dental techniques and technology will result in a new generation who live their lifetime with all their natural teeth.

If you have dental fear or know someone who does, suggest they arrange a no-cost consultation by calling 1-877-966-9009. This conversation could be the first step to a terrific smile!

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Each Tooth Is A Valuable Part Of Your Health!

posted: February 12, 2014

As a dentist, our ultimate goal is to help our patients enjoy a healthy mouth, helping you avoid tooth loss and the overall health risks of periodontal inflammation. While some dentists may see a tooth as “hopeless,” using modern techniques and technology, we are often able to save many teeth from extraction. Why is it so important to save your natural teeth?

There is a domino effect with tooth loss. Once you lose a natural tooth, studies show the next one lost will be an adjacent tooth, and so on. Replacing teeth can be an expensive process, even for denture and partial wearers. While dentures and partials may seem a less-costly method, over time, they can cause devastating health problems. Not only will biting and chewing become more difficult, your overall health declines after tooth loss.

Denture wears tend to take more medications, avoid social gatherings, and have more gastro-intestinal problems than those with their natural teeth. It is estimated that denture wearers die at an age that is ten years younger than those with their own teeth, on average.

Make every effort possible to save your natural teeth. This begins with keeping a healthy mouth and maintaining regular dental check-ups. When a tooth cannot be saved, replacing it with Dental Implants is your wisest investment. Dental Implants are designed to last a lifetime and are the closest thing to natural teeth.

Keep in mind that there is a good reason that dentists don’t wear dentures (and never will!). Saving a tooth is worth all you can give it. Before giving in to removal, contact us for a consultation. You may find your tooth is anything but “hopeless.”

Call toll free 1-877-966-9009 for more information or to arrange a free Consultation.

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